Serie A Round 5

Sep 25, 2012

Fiorentina 0 – 0 Juventus

Sep 26, 2012

Pescara 1 – 0 Palermo
Weiss 86

Palermo’s Von Bergen got a straight red after 35 minutes for the last man foul. The guests held on almost until the end but 4 minutes from time Weiss scored with a great shot from distance.

Milan 2 – 0 Cagliari
El Shaarawy 16, 82

Three goals in two games for El Shaarawy. Cagliari’s Conti got his second yellow card in the 66th minute for elbowing an opponent; his first yellow had come just two minutes earlier.

Roma 1 – 1 Sampdoria
Totti 35 – Munari 62

Totti scored the opener after a chaotic Roma attack. 45 seconds after the interval Maresca fouled Lamela for his second yellow card of the night. So Roma were one goal up plus one man up and seemed heading for a comfortable home win. Didn’t happen though: Stekelenburg threw away Roma’s points when he failed to secure the ball after the simplest of crosses and Munari slotted home from close range.

Catania 2 – 1 Atalanta
Spolli 52, Barrientos 65 – Maxi Moralez 50

Chievo 0 – 2 Inter
Alvaro Pereira 43, Cassano 74

Chievo wasted a few half-chances in the first half and had a couple of penalty appeals turned down. Alvaro Pereira opened the scoring for Inter two minutes before the interval, the replay suggested he was offside. Cassano added the second goal late in the game.

Genoa 1 – 1 Parma
Borriello 88 pen – Lucarelli 27

Midway through the second half, Borriello hit the post from a penaly awarded for handball. 2 minutes form time he equalized from another spot kick. The first penalty was I’d say somewhat generous; the second was a complete bullshit.
Immobile had a really bad night as he wasted a bunch of opportunities for Genoa.

Napoli 3 – 0 Lazio
Cavani 19, 31, 63

Klose scored with his hand after a cross from a corner. The ref didn’t see the handball but the Napoli players actively protested and Klose confessed to the ref, so the goal did not stand. Cavani scored three goals for Napoli, then sent the ball into the stands from the penalty spot in the 75th minute.

Torino 0 – 0 Udinese

Sep 27, 2012

Siena 1 – 0 Bologna
Calaio 61

Juventus 13
Napoli 13
Samp(-1) 10
Inter 9
Lazio 9
Roma 8
Fiorentina 8
Catania 8
Genoa 7

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