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I noticed some time ago Udinese had a number of talented young players playing for them or on contract with them while being loaned out to other clubs. I suspected something was different about their transfer policy. Only now I’ve found out what it was:

“With arguably the most widespread scouting system in the world, Udinese has long-term staff stationed in each of the four corners of the earth, dedicated to continuing their unique transfer policy. For years, Udinese has unearthed some of the world’s best young talent, only to develop and sell the same players for staggering profit. Each year, Udinese imports a number of these players, some for immediate insertion into the Bianconeri first team, and many to be shipped out on loan around Italy. As the seasons go by, the players that prove themselves worthy will be slowly integrated into the lineup, or, for those who catch the eye of outside admirers, sold on for a considerable profit.”SWOL

Some of the players that Udinese sold for profit in the last three years (prices in million Euros):

Alexis Sanchez  => Barcelona  26
Inler           => Napoli     15
Isla            => Juventus    9
Asamoah         => Juventus    9
Pepe            => Juventus    7
Handanovic      => Inter       6
Denis           => Atalanta    5
Motta           => Juventus    3

Wow, pretty impressive. I don’t know all the details but it definitely looks like the Udinese Calcio football club actually has great management.

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