Photo Of The Legendary Team: Zenit 84

Googling for some images yesterday, found an unofficial Russian football history site which has a lot of photographs of Russian/Soviet teams of different years. Here’s the one I liked the most: Zenit 1984. Looks like the picture was taken on November 21, 1984 — the day Zenit won the league for the first time in history.

Standing (left to right): Barannik, Lokhov, Dmitriev, Afanasyev, Komarov(?), Stepanov, Klementyev, Biryukov, Zheludkov, (?), Sadyrin, S. Kuznetsov, Melnikov, (?), A. Davydov
Sitting: (?), Chukhlov, Gerasimov, Dolgopolov, Larionov, Broshin

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