Red And White Zenit

Not a Photoshop, but a real archive picture of Zenit Leningrad in 1972:

(Picture from

I can’t recognize any of the players on this photo because I wasn’t following football yet at that time. In fact, it was in spring 1976 when I first went to the Kirova stadium (now demolished) to watch a Zenit game. It was a Zenit – Dynamo Kiev match. Kiev played the second team because most of the main team players were training with sbornaya which was preparing for the 1976 Olympics. The football wasn’t any good (as far as I could judge at that age) and the match ended in a 1-1 draw. Kiev played in white shirts, and the Zenit players were wearing…right, the red ones! Interestingly, the 1976 Football Calendar booklet which I had stated that the official Zenit color was Electric Blue (which in Russian read as just one word “Electric”). Since I had no idea what the “Electric” color was, after seeing Zenit play in red shirts I logically assumed that the Electric color was indeed red. Only years later I’ve figured out the right Zenit colors. Anyway, the words “club colors” didn’t have much meaning in the Soviet times, in fact there were no real football clubs in the Soviet Union, just “teams”.

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