Zenit 0 – 1 Zamalek

Matchworld Cup Abu Dhabi 2013
January 19, 2013
Zenit 0 – 1 Zamalek
Goal: Samir 35
Match played in Abu Dhabi

Zenit: Malafeev – Anyukov, Hubocan, Bruno Alves, Lukovic – Zyryanov, Witsel, Shirokov – Hulk, Bukharov, Semak

The Petersburgers missed a few good chances in the first half before the Egyptians scored on a counter attack in the 35th minute. Spalletti used many substitutions again: Lombaerts, Fayzulin, Djordjevic, Evseev, Andrey Ivanov, and Rebenko showed up on the pitch at various times in the second half. Zenit were the better side in the second 45 minutes but proved unable to score.

The result of this friendly is indeed totally irrelevant. What is relevant, it’s that Denisov and Kerzhakov didn’t play in the first two friendlies due to mysterious “injuries”. I was mentioning the importance of the team morale late last year, and can write this again: if the players are unhappy at Zenit, there’s plenty of time to sell them, find and sign replacements, and move forward from there. The sooner this will be done, the better. Clinging to the past is never a good strategy and will lead the club nowhere. With the current state of team morale, I seriously doubt Zenit is going to be able to win anything.

Next Match: Tue Jan 22, 1:00pm GMT Zenit – Shakhtar

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