The New Old Logo 2013

Prior to the 2013-14 season, the Zenit Football Club has changed its logo:

Zenit New Logo

The old logo was in use since around the mid ’90s:

Zenit Old Logo

The new logo is in fact the old version of The Arrow, which was in use in the ’80s, only slightly corrected. The year 1925 was added to the logo, possibly just to “balance” the arrow; to me, it doesn’t look natural and I don’t think adding the year was a good idea at all. The new old Arrow also features on the players shirts now:

Zenit Arrow Shirt

I think this new shirt version of the Arrow (without the year) is absolutely great. This modification, along with the re-introduction of the Electric Blue club color a few years ago, certainly shows that the club is doing a great job in creating recognizable Zenit symbols.

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